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Delft Culinair provides for culinary walks and activities at different restaurants in historic Delft.

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Delft Culinair is a branch of Delft Projects & Consultancy. Other branches of Delft Projects & Consultancy are: Delft Rondleidingen and Delft Guided Tours. We are a private company, specialised in culinary arrangements in Delft. Our office is working as a kind of box-office for culinary projects. We focus completely on the success of the culinary project for our customers. Our guides conduct the culinary projects with there detailed historic knowledge. We are just satisfied if our customers are to.

We conduct the next type of activities and more:

  • Dinner walks.
  • Culinary workshops.
  • Culinary walks.
  • Culinary dinners.
  • City walks.
  • Tours through churches and museums.
  • Historic kick bike tours.
  • Boat tours.

We are specialised in Delft. We not only know the city and the history, but also the important culinary locations where it is good to stay.

Our culinary activities can be combined with other activities, such as conducted tours through city, churches and museums, boat tours, kick biking, arrangements or a complete organized outing. See for our other activities at the following websites:




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Delft Culinair

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